Calendar Help

Alternate views – You can see events in a variety of displays by choosing them from a pulldown menu on the top right. (It currently says “Agenda”, which is the default.)

Categories – You can filter the calendar to just show the kinds of events you want to see with the pull down category menu. (You can choose more than one category, like “Climate” and “Trees” and “Sierra Club”, by hlding down the “Command” key on a Mac or the “Control” key (?) on a Windows machine while clicking on the menu. To unselect a highlighted category in the menu, click on it again.

Notifications – You can get automatically notified of events whenever one is added to the calendar, and you can also only get notifications for events in particular categories if you prefer. More details are here.

ICal feed – If you use a computer calendar, you can subscribe to this one and have the events from it automatically added to your own calendar by clciking on the button at the bottom right of the calendar display. (If you filter the calendar first you will only get the events for the categories you are viewing at that time.

Embedding – You can also display a copy of this calendar in your own website. Contact Thad Curtz at